Associate Degree in Business Administration

An associate degree in business administration will provide a person with an understanding of business-oriented technology, management principles, and interpersonal skills. Most colleges will offer the opportunity for concentrations in a specific business administration area. These include healthcare administration, information systems, or human resources.

About an Associate Degree in Business Administration

Business administration degrees will include classes that cover management techniques and communication. The fundamentals of business will be covered in an associate degree program in business administration. Critical thinking, project planning, and implementation are important aspects of the business world and will be introduced as well. Understanding and using business software will be necessary to learn, as this software will be widely used throughout the industry. If a person chooses to specialize in an area such as healthcare they will also take classes that pertain specifically to that area. Normally this type of associate degree program can be finished in around two years.

Top Associate Degree Schools in Business Administration

There are several schools that offer an associate degree in business administration. If attending classes at a college is preferred, a person will want to look at their local community college for a program of this type. If an online program is desired, there are several different top schools to choose from. The University of Phoenix, Strayer University, Brown Mackie College, Colorado Technical University, and DeVry University are five online universities that offer an associate degree program in business administration. These schools are all accredited, which ensures that a person will be getting a degree that will be recognized when entering the job market.

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Jobs Relevant to an Associate Degree in Business Administration

An office manager, retail store manager, administrative assistant, executive assistant, and human resource manager are a few jobs a person may qualify for with an associate’s degree in business administration. An associate’s degree will be a stepping stone into the business industry. These types of degrees are great for gaining an entry-level position within a business area of your choice. The experience that a person will gain from one of these positions can be used to further their education or gain promotions within their field.

Job Salary and Outlook in Business Administration

The job outlook in business varies depending on the area a person wishes to go into. Healthcare administration positions are expected to grow at faster than average rates than positions within some other businesses such as retail. Business administration is a degree to consider as it offers a wide variety of job choices once completed. As an office manager the average salary is between $32,000 to $48,000. The average salary of an administrative assistant is $29.000 to $40,000. Executive assistants earn around $34,000 to $45,000. Human resource managers make anywhere from $37,000 to $59,000.

An associate’s degree in business administration offers an entry into the field of business. This can be a faster way to gain experience in the field. If a person finds that business is something they truly enjoy they may want to consider further education within the field.
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